Creating Neuro Circuitry

Have you ever seen a Scientist who is weak in the basics of Physics and Mathematics?

I guess your answer is no…so is this journey of NLP.

If you are reading this page, then you have either decided to embark on the journey of Creating lasting changes in your life or the life of those who you care about or you are about to take that decision.

Have you ever seen a car operating with all the spare parts except the battery?

Everything we experience the world comes to us through the neurological channels of our sensory systems. The greatest spiritual transcendence and the most tender interpersonal moments are “experienced” (transformed into internal experiences) as images (visual), sounds (auditory), body sensations (kinesthetic), tastes (gustatory), smells (olfactory) and learned symbols such as these words (digital). Those experiences, furthermore, can be re-membered (put together again) by use of the same sensory information. (Richard Bolstad)

Take a moment and follow the instructions-

Imagine a lemon right in front of you. Take it in your hand and smell it. Squeeze it a bit and smell it again.. What are your physiological reactions? Does it trigger your salivary glands? Do you find yourself salivating…Isn’t that interesting?

You just connected to one of the Neuro Circuit which was installed in you long back…

What would have happened, if you had never been exposed to Lemon (hypothetically), you would have missed this experience. You would have heard about this experience but could not experience it yourself.

That’s exactly why installing the right Neuro circuitry is but necessary before you embark on the journey of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neural circuits are responsible for the brain’s ability to process sensory information, recall memories, experience emotions, learn, and control the muscles of the body, Neurons never function in isolation; they are organized into ensembles or circuits that process specific kinds of information. Although the arrangement of neural circuits varies greatly according to the intended function.

In this Module, you are led through a series of exercises so that your neurology inductively learns the very basic skills and patterns required to build the Path of NLP Practitioner. You will experimentally learn to

  • Understand the conscious and unconscious mind and their functioning
  • Intention, attention and focus on outcomes
  • Calibration of verbal and non-verbal behaviour
  • Recognizing and utilizing perception of self, other and observer
  • Developing rapport with the conscious and unconscious mind
  • How your brain does stores and retrieves information or data.

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After 2 days of Intensive Program, you get

  1. Certificate of Completion from ThriveMe NLP & Coaching International
  2. Your eligibility to Level 2 of NLP Practitioner Certification program (Classic Code)
  3. You also get an eligibility to participate in the Future of NLP – The New Code NLP provided only by a trainer of ITA.
  4. You can also access and participate in speciality programs like NLP for Parents, Business Leaders, Sports Coaching, Teachers etc.

You are just a click away from opening up a new Horizon of possibilities and Changes.

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