Welcome to the World of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), this exciting 1st level course is designed for the one who is looking for unlimited transformations, thriving breakthroughs, actualizing real-life application of NLP, and more in-depth experience. In NLP Core Skills Practitioner, you will be subjected to an action-packed 5-day process, where you will integrate the core skills & applications of NLP and will learn how to apply NLP in different areas of your life.

This course will allow you to learn the essential frameworks and skills that are required to become a competent NLP Core Skills Practitioner. This comprehensive NLP course is guaranteed to equip you with a broad range of powerful tools, techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication skills that you can build into your life right away, to help yourself, or other people understand the thoughts and feelings that influence their habits, actions, and behaviors.

This NLP Core Skills Practitioner is the basic NLP module of the ThriveMe NLP Excellence. If you decide later to study the prestigious NLP Practitioner Course (ITA), you will only have to study for 5 days on the basis you will have already completed Module I through your Core Skills Practitioner. For further details, you can contact us or Inner Peace Life.


About The Trainers:


Yogesh Verma

NLP Trainer & TransformationCoach

Yogesh Verma is a Certified Trainer of NLP & Co-Founder of ThriveMe, India. Yogesh is a Transformation Coach and he believes that Coaching as partnering with clients is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching helps individuals, professionals and companies focus on what matters most in life and business. Yogesh brings with him a dynamic & cheerful personality and his charisma reflects his zeal for transforming lives across the globe. He has built himself working with various modalities and his target is to Empower and Transform people with an enthusiasm to thrive people to different, more evolved and infinite possibilities.


Sajid Ahamed

NLP Trainer & Energy Coach

Sajid Ahamed is a Certified Trainer of NLP and Founder of Inner Peace Life Coaching Pvt Ltd, India. He is a firm believer in high performance. He enjoys engaging in powerful conversations that lead to effective learning and results. He believes that to survive in today’s competitive environments, leaders across the globe must be willing to advance themselves to achieve optimum brilliance.




Course Objectives:

To have a highly practical experience of learning how to apply NLP skills & applications into your life for personal genius, effective communication, mastery in getting superb health, creating more resources and choices in every sphere of life.

To use the most powerful tools from NLP to help yourself and others to get more from life.

To integrate the NLP skills and core applications that will help you to achieve excellence in your own life.

  • Learn From the Trainers Who are trained by Co-Creator of NLP, Co-Creator of New Code NLP and Co-Developer of New Code NLP

  • Learn From the Best to Get Authentic NLP

  • Internationally Recognised Course & Certification

  • Post-learning Support Exclusive to the Participants

  • Get Course Material with the Course

Our Past Participants include Trainers, Therapists, Coaches, Students, Teenagers, Teachers, Doctors, HR Professionals, Homoeopaths, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Homemakers, Executives, Charted Accountants, Image Consultants, Curators, Sports Coaches, Athletes, Authors, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Speakers, and Educators.




What will you learn in NLP Core Skills Practitioner?

  • Become an influential and excellent communicator.
  • Get freedom from emotional stress and pains.
  • Learn NLP for setting the goals, outcomes, and life coaching.
  • Become competent at reading nonverbal communications.
  • Master the physiology and psychology of excellence.
  • Achieve long-lasting and concrete results with the help of specific Strategies.
  • Increase your sensory acuity and (un)conscious awareness.
  • Master your thinking and take control of your emotional states.
  • Get to know about your fears and phobias.
  • Achieve Peak Performance at your will.
  • Get yourself free from conflicting states, procrastination, and compulsive disorders.
  • Understand anxieties and other destructive emotions.
  • Develop strong personal and professional relationships.
  • Modify undesired behaviors in yourself and other people.
  • Efficiently extract and elicit information from others.
  • Utilize submodalities for increased clarity and focus
  • And much, much more …




Rapport Skills and Pattern Detection

Sensory Acuity

Explicit mirroring to develop rapport

Micro muscle mirroring for non-verbal influence and deeper levels of rapport

Crossover mirroring for influence and leading

Calibration of verbal and non-verbal behavior

Pacing, Leading and Interaction



First Access

F2 transforms

Linguistic Representation


Representational Systems

Representation systems characteristics

The verbal and non-verbal components of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (VAK) representational systems

Overlapping systems

Accessing non-verbal cues, including eye accessing cues or patterns

Tonal and body language shifts (small shifts and large shifts)


Perceptual Positions

Recognising and utilizing perception of self, other and observer

Introduction of disassociation from negative emotions

How to step back and evaluate performance and discover new choices


Outcomes and Framing

Well-formed Outcomes

Intention, attention, and focus with outcomes

Setting the frame to direct attention in group/individual contexts


Classic Code NLP Change Formats

The building blocks of human experience and how we code different behaviors. Game of Coding and Decoding.

Utilising submodalities for increased clarity and focus. The inner encoding mechanism of your brain and how to take control of it.

Discover how to change the compulsive disorders/habits with the Swish Pattern

Mapping submodalities for behavioral choice and change personal history

Anchoring for state control and changing clients’ conditioned responses to stimuli. Various Anchoring techniques (contextualized to the field of application)

Classic anchoring formats for collapsing unresourceful states and stabilizing new resourceful states


Personal Congruency and the Unconscious Mind

Developing rapport with the conscious and unconscious mind

Detecting, eliciting and utilizing involuntary signals in self and others


NLP Language Models

Meta Model: A recursive verbal model, syntactic questioning to ensure precise communication

The Milton Model: hypnotic language usage, communication on multiple level of unconsciousness

Verbal Package: specifying what you desire





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